April 23, 2012

They do exist!

People see my belly and they ask, "what are you having?" I don't know. We don't know. We didn't know last month, and we still don't know, and we won't know until the baby is born.

Up until about two weeks ago, my instincts told me we were having a girl. But now? Now I have no clue. I'm totally second guessing myself and I have no real inclination as to this baby's sex.

Baby will be here in six weeks and since I gave away all my baby stuff and am basically starting over again, I've been spending a lot of time online buying what I can each payday to get ready. And do you know what I found? There aren't a lot of gender neutral color options. Boy sets - blue. Girl sets - pink or purple. And don't give me that whole green is gender neutral crap. No it isn't. Green is for boys.

Yellows, whites, creams. That's it. Those are the only real gender neutral options. And they, apparently, don't exist. Except at Old Navy. Thank you, Old Navy! Now my baby has something to wear besides plain white Gerber onesies.

Baby Clothes


  1. Man I can't wait to see Mona Jr!

    1. Me too! Six more weeks, Mona Sr., six more weeks. I'm so excited.


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