November 22, 2009

Nothing is different.

I turned 28 a week ago. It was relatively painless.

I don't think much is different, except my age. And maybe that I'm a bit more moody than I was when I was younger. But I can easily chalk that up to being majorly sleep deprived for the last five years.

Oh, and I need to pee a lot more often than I used to. I fear that by the time I'm 30, I'm going to be that lady, "gotta go gotta go gotta go right now". I don't want to be her. Please don't let me be her. But I'm guessing the urge to pee doesn't have much to do with my age. I think it has to do with my two pregnancies, particularly the one when I carried a little boy who thought my bladder was a speed bag.

Happy birthday to me!


  1. time heals all wounds. or is it "time wounds all heels". As much as you give, Deece I really hope and pray the less attractive aspects of age stay well away from you and yours.
    Anyway, wish I was on the sunny side of thirty, with such cute kids to boot. Moral of the story, none. Sorry about your bladder, my is of stone and I'll trade it for two flexible lower veterbra, which in my case are also of stone.

  2. Yeah, I turned 25 on Nov. 2 and I didn't feel becoming a year old changed me. I think it was the being out of college and having to find a job that made me realize how I'm much older.

    You can have my bladder! If I give it away, maybe that means that I won't need to go use the bathroom anynmore. Speaking of nephew told me this joke today: Whats the difference between roastbeef and pea soup? You can roast a beef but you can't pee a soup ahahah :).

  3. Thanks, Mark. In my case it's "time wounds all heels". ha ha!

    Hedwiggles - Yep, I think it's the events of life that make you feel older, not necessarily time. Nice to meet you the other day.


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