October 16, 2009

If only...

If only I had mad sewing skills so I could make one of these:

Maybe one day. Yeah right.

Enter the
Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set Giveaway!!

Have you checked out Grosgrain Fabulous before? No? Oh man, you should! She is amazing!

This is only the second giveaway of hers that I've entered, and I don't stand a shot at winning, but I just had to share these costumes. So amazing! So inspiring! I'm making mango jam today, but now I feel like sewing.


  1. Alice in Wonderland-the Johnny Depp version scares me :X

    The sandwich below looks really good...I'm hungry now hehe :).

  2. I didn't see that version. Now I'm not sure that I'd want to...although I'm curious. Kinda like when you watch a scary movie and cover your eyes with your hand, but you peek through your fingers. Maybe I just want to see the trailers.

  3. I haven't seen it either, but I saw stills from the movie and Johnny Depp just makes it look creepy...he certainly made the Willy Wonka remake darker.

  4. I saw those, too. She does such a great job on her sewing, truly. I can't believe she just gives away those costumes after all that hard work. They have to cost a pretty penny, too, because all that material isn't cheap!

    Good luck!

  5. Hedwig - Yes. I do not like his Willy Wonka.

    Stacy - Oh gosh, I can't imagine how much money and effort she puts into the really elaborate costumes. I don't usually enter the giveaways, I just like to see all the cool outfits she sews. But wouldn't it be awesome to win one? lol.


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