October 02, 2009

Another typhoon!

Typhoon 20W or Typhoon Melor is headed right to Saipan. Click here to see its projected path and here to see a satellite image. It is expected to turn into a super typhoon by the time it hits us tomorrow.

The weather is gorgeous right now at 6:00 p.m., but the winds should get pretty strong tonight. I'm really not looking forward to it. For the power outage that is sure to come, for the potential water outage, for the winds and rain, the destruction of property. Also? Jacob and I are sick. He's getting better, but I'm getting worse. Not fun. But at least I'm the one getting worse - not him.

So we filled the water tank and ordered drinking water, we have batteries and flashlights and candles, we have a gas stove and canned food and drinks, the cooler has ice, and we boarded the house.


Now we pray. And find ways to stay healthy and occupied through the super typhoon.



  1. Hello Deece,

    Thanks for following up on the favor! You have a special way of showcasing current events on your blog that is so straight forward and down to earth, not to mention your interesting topics on day-to-day life =) I, along with many other islanders I know, are frequent "silent" visitors to your blog; and I must say that we enjoy keeping up as often as possible. Kudos on your wonderful talents! Anyways, it sure is sad how all these disasters are unfolding in the Pacific and we can only hope that Melor brings no more destruction than the typical "low profile" damage we're accustomed to when storms pass by. It's ironic to mention this, but while growing up back home, I recall how many of us actually enjoyed the approach of an oncoming storm-- the preparations, school/work closures, etc. and despised the obvious--- power outages, floods, etc. It was this close,united feeling we sensed with an impending disaster and the curiosity to venture out after and assess the destruction. However, I must say after looking at Melor's forcasted strength, I really do hope the people of the entire Marianas take the proper precaution play it safe and come out unharmed. My prayers are with you as you hunker down! You and your son could use some serious healing time while the storm makes it assault. Thanks again for your report!

  2. Thank God we were spared! It could've been disastrous, yeah? Hope you and your boy feel better soon.

  3. Anon - Thank you for the kind words! That is one of the nicest compliments this blog has received. The disasters across the Pacific are definitely saddening - but they are bringing a lot of people from around the world to reach out and to pray. Thank you for your prayers! We needed them, I'm so thankful we were spared. But boy, with today's weather, you'd think there was another storm brewing. I need to check the weather channel.(I thought typhoons were so cool when I was a kid.:)

  4. BC - OMGosh totally! I'm actually taking Jakey boy to the doctor today. Poor little guy needs to get better.


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