May 20, 2009

What's in a name?

Intro to Marketing, the easiest college course I ever did take. Easier than tennis. Taught by my brother-in-law's friend, who told me the funniest joke in the world. Want to hear it? No? Okay, here goes. So this mushroom walks into a bar and says, "bartender, give me a beer." Bartender says, "hey man, we don't serve your type." Mushroom looks around and says, "aw, come on, I'm a fun guy." Get it?!

What I remember of Intro to Marketing was that I wrote a report with three other girls and our instructor used to be a nurse. All three other group members were marketing majors, so you can be sure that other than clothes and makeup, there wasn't all that much we could talk about. Except tampons! Our project was to write a marketing strategy for some product - and we chose tampons.

What if our instructor had chosen the product for us? What if she had asked us to figure out the marketing mix for CleanButt? Who do you think the target market is for a CleanButt with Filter?

Clean Butt with Filter


  1. Man, having a clean but is expensive! LOL! I loved this post!!!

  2. Get your CleanButt at Dolphin. ha ha!


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