April 27, 2009

28th Annual Flame Tree Arts Festival

To my dear people of Saipan,

Please do not flick your cigarette butts on the ground. Not only is it bad for the environment as they take forever to decompose, but also, and more importantly, because lit cigarette butts can cause fires. Especially during this dry season. On Sunday, there was a brush fire along the road to my house, my guess is that a cigarette caused it, but who really knows? Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, a brush fire was blazing on the hill by my office. Please, let's be more cautious of our actions and realize that the little things we do can have large and sustained impacts.

Thank you to our fire department for putting out the blazes!

Two friends and I shared a booth at the Flame Tree Festival this past weekend. It was nice, but I enjoyed it more last year. Not because of the company! Because of the festival itself. It was, hmm, how do you say? Deader. Yeah, it was deader. At least during the day it was deader. At night it was packed like the World Health Organization conference rooms must be packed right now - but I wasn't at the festival at night. One thing I really liked this year was that there were more information and arts demonstration booths.

Here are some pictures of the items we had in our booth...

AjinoMOTO Racing Apparel, hand knit reggae beanies, Island Flavor jams and coconut syrup, hand sewn bags (including mama bags for all you chewers), and a few miscellaneous items:
28th Annual Flame Tree Festval Booth

Marianas Touch ylang ylang infused coconut oil, body scrubs, bath salts, and soaps:
28th Annual Flame Tree Festval Booth

At the end of the tables, on the right of this photo, are some silk and woodrose topiaries made by my talented friend Lyn. Also, hanging in the photo are some of my Nenin Marianas line:
28th Annual Flame Tree Festval Booth

My friends Lyn and Geraldine made these awesome items - bamboo candle holders, decorated candles, flowerpot pens, potpourri angels, decorated bulletin boards, and hand painted picture frames (the candle holders were a hit - they create beautiful displays when lit at night):
28th Annual Flame Tree Festval Booth
(Lyn also makes excellent cards, some of the best I've seen - greeting cards, invitations, etc. If you ever need some, hit me up and I'll put you in contact with her.)

Yes, we were next to the 670 Rock Steady Shop, so you can imagine how much attention my shirts got. Almost none, that's how much. They will be availble in my etsy shop later this week.

Peace out, yo!


  1. I went to the flame tree festival once when I was really really young. I'd love to go again one day. Maybe next year. :)

  2. So do you think I really missed out on the flame tree festival this year then? I definitely missed out on your booth, that's for sure. How were sales this year compared to last year's?

  3. Drea - There was a big Guam delegation there this year. My booth was right next to them, they had some great hand carved jewelry.

    Polly - Nah. If you like going at night, then perhaps you missed out? I don't know what the performances were at night, but I know that the crowds were huge! I was there Friday night for a few hours - madness! But the Saturday and Sunday crowds weren't as large as last year. The sales weren't that great. But it's OK because I love to make things anyway. I'm willing to bet that, overall, sales were down for all the artists.


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