March 02, 2009


Three years ago I was obsessed with chicken.

Two years ago I wrote a bunch of stuff. And more stuff.

One year ago I gave you some Saipanisms, celebrated St. Patty's Day, was hungry, was irritated by the Brits, reminisced about first grade, needed an anger management course, met Mona's twin, transitioned Great Expectations, was hungry some more, and I thought of another idea that I don't have the time or money to do.

Yeah, that's me....before...
1995 - booya!


  1. Was that a Jansport bag in the picture? Oh man I loved those.

    I also love that we've been friends this long, too, Deece.

  2. Yes, I think it was a Jansport bag. I think Marj may have had one too...but hers may have been black? She was always cooler than I was. And instead of a baseball key chain hanging from it, she either had a basketball or a Nike baby shoe.

    :) I've been wanting to call you, but I haven't had much free time lately. :(


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