February 10, 2009

Wednesday What Is It? Results

The results of last week's Wednesday What Is It?

Glass Bottle!
5 points to Bon!

Don't get mad everyone, but remember the rules....
"Every Wednesday I will post a small part of a picture of some object. You tell me what you think the object is." Don't tell me what the portion of the picture is - tell me what the entire picture is.

Don't boycott me, keep on playing!


  1. It is what it is and it is your game.

  2. ooooh. i didn't read that part. :) next week, it's on like donkey kong!

  3. You are SO funny... what insane person would boycott you for following your rules. Bad judging, yes, following your rules, NEVER.

  4. Ahahaha!

    Bad judging? Pshaw. A cup is cup. Putting soup in a cup doesn't make it a bowl.

  5. So, when is a vase, a vaze (phonetic)? When a vase costs more than five dollars

  6. Then I own no vazes. Ok, fine I don't own any vases either.


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