January 18, 2009

My tangerines are better than your tangerines.

Nim's Island - I enjoyed it. I suppose the reviewer is mostly correct, but, come on, it's a children's movie! Katelyn loves it. We bought it for her.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - I guess I saw the first two? These types of movies aren't really my thang, but whatever. It was entertaining.

Many of us, nay, most of us on Saipan enjoy shoulder pork and ham, better known as SPAM. While living in southern California I would never offer up the fact that I liked SPAM, and no one would ever ask. James still, from time to time, expresses his shock that his wife "is a SPAM eater". To which I so smartly reply, "yeah well, you eat the stuff with the whatever, and yeah..." I like SPAM musubi, SPAM with diced tomatoes and onions, soba with SPAM, scrambled eggs and SPAM, and plain old fried SPAM.

When I worked at the local community college, the term "spam" was way overused. Not because people were frying it up, but because emails were being sent. What? For realz! When the admissions office would send out mass emails regarding upcoming registration dates, they were said to have "spammed the campus". On occasion, I was asked to spam the campus to let faculty, staff, and students know about upcoming community classes my department was holding. This irked the crap out of me.

Electronic spam is not the sending of mass emails. Spam are essentially unsolicited commercial emails! Got that, NMC? Unsolicited commercial emails, not a widely distributed email announcing a change in venue for Charter Day.

As illustrated below, my most recent batch of marmalade (on the left side of the photos) did not turn out as I had hoped. It's my fault entirely. Only small batches from now on, as shown on the right side of the photos:

Although on a blueberry bagel with some butter too, they both taste fine.

My tangerines. They are the size of oranges with sweet, tender, orange pulp. And they taste better than yours.My regular tangerine marmalade is very bright, sweet, and tangy. The most recent batch, I suppose, would be more of a bitter, English style marmalade.

I've reached the end of the log for my free stat counter so I can only view the last 100 entries. While looking through the few searches that land people on my blog, I thought a funny one was "tube socks you, me and dupree" which landed the searcher here. But then I saw a search for, "Sheila I'd love to kiss you, but I just washed my hair". While I did just wash my hair last night, and yes, we are friends, but no. No I do not want to kiss you, Sheila. Sorry.


  1. i didn't know SPAM stood for shoulder pork and ham! thanks deece!

    i didn't like the last mummy movie too... and the previous ones ARE my type of thaaaang.

    as for nmc-ers... i guess the terms "unsolicited" and "commercial" are losely used! but then again, so is the word spam...

    de-lurk complete.

  2. You're welcome. What can I say, I watch a lot of Food Network (see the "fun of Sandra Lee" link in my most recent post).


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