September 28, 2008

My daughter the optimist.

Me: If you don't finish your food, you won't have any ice cream.
Katelyn: Yeah. If I do finish my food, I will have some ice cream.

Seriously? It tastes like cake. For real. You don't need to spend much for cake and ice cream anymore. The kids love it but it's too weird for me - I mean, it's ice cream that tastes like cake!

Do you like coffee, chocolate cookies, and fudge swirls? If so, then Starbucks Mud Pie ice cream is for you!


Then She Found Me - It's hard to believe that Helen Hunt is 39. But it was nice. Don't think I'll watch it again.

21 - It's like a nerd fantasy. I want to know how much of it is true. It was fun.

Forbidden Kingdom - Entertaining!

Speed Racer - Loved it! Colorful. Anime-esque.


  1. That ice cream looks yummy. I loved 21.

  2. where do you buy your ice cream?

  3. shh...don't tell anyone or there won't be any for us....I get it at Sara Market on Cap Hill. ;o)


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