April 07, 2008

Oops, I did it again!

I went to Cafe at the Park. I know, I know, I know! But it was work related. The service was very good; our server was friendly and prompt. And the Cafe Basil Wrap had more flavor than the last time I ordered it. But there were bones in my salmon. Bones in my salmon! I know, salmon have bones. But not when they're put into sandwiches....right? Who's with me? I was brought a replacement piece of salmon. Thank you, I appreciated that. Ah, but no. There were more bones in my salmon! Seriously, there were even more bones in the replacement salmon than in the first piece.

I didn't have to pay for my meal, however. Even though I still would have - and tried to. That was nice.

I think every time I walk through the door at Cafe at the Park the microwaves that are in use alter my DNA and change my name to Murphy.

On a happier note, I have more knitting buddies! Missy and I attended Knitting Night at a fellow craftster's home. They...I guess I should saw WE...meet every other Thursday for a night of stitchin' and bitchin'. Or maybe stitchin' and itchin'. Itchin' to see what everyone else is working on and what new yarns have been purchased. Everyone was swooning over Missy's Harmony Interchangeable Needles and Jill's sweater with Malabrigo yarn. Fun stuff!


  1. I always thought you were a forgiving type of person, but four times? When I first read your post, I saw the bold and thought the highlighted related to the same item. Not so..

    When James and you and me and Erdene and the kids visit in August, lets try the Japanese breakfast. Steer away from the difficult items. I'm forgiving but always learning; if I like the atmosphere and the service, I'll take the items which they do well. Bon appetit.

  2. WHile digging around in a box of 'stuff' I found a zippered case with a whole bunch of knitting needles. Several different sizes. Maybe I'll join the group and learn to make socks.

  3. Big - Sounds good! Which Japanese breakfast?

    Bruce - you should! I won't be at the next knitting night, but Missy and I still meet each Saturday at Coffee Care at 2pm....

  4. Seriously, haven't you learned about that place already? Come on, now. My Granny makes salmon patties (out of canned salmon) and there aren't any bones. DH on the other hand, thinks that bones are "texture" and does not pick them out. Blech, as long as they aren't the round spine bones, I am okay with it. That is why it is best to come over if I am making salmon patties. : )

    I think that Bruce should join us! Or at least share his booty and come knit with us!

    : )

  5. I'll try to come out on Saturday. Where does one buy yarn? I've got some needles, as mentioned, but won't I need yarn also?

  6. You can find a decent selection of yarns at Liberty. Although I'm sure Missy can recommend about 50 much much better online yarn stores. ;)

    Ugh! Once I get halfway through my stash, Knit Picks here I come!


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