March 04, 2008

Wednesday What Is It?

What is it?
Here's how to play.


  1. unripened banana bunch. That bunch is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s...that bunch is bananas....

  2. Darn, I never make it here first...I'm with Boni, I got a hunch that those are green banana's in a bunch.

    tam i am.

  3. what the heck? ... as my 7 year old would say. Yes, yes, I'm with Boni and Tamara -- banananananananaz.
    Dang! My little ones didn't go to bed until just now! I thought about checking in while I was getting them ready for bed,then I thought, okay it's just a game (but was really thinking maybe she won't post til her kiddos are in bed).

  4. Kermit the frog's left hand...or green bananas.

    I'll go with B.

  5. I'm going to say bananas.

  6. some sort of ceramic thing

    (you changed your comment section, can't use nickname - JC)

  7. Bananas.

    Speaking of, we have two bunches growing at a nice pace...hope you guys like the long skinny kind cause we are all about sharing! In a couple of weeks I am guessing.

    : )

  8. Banana tree with a bunch of bananas thereon.

    We grow 6 varieties here on Tanapag Tara. So we have some ripening most of the time. Want to swap some?

  9. I'm bananas over this one. I'm going with as my start up page, should get me there fastest with the mostest. Fastest, anyway.


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