February 14, 2008

Ain't he sweet!

My nephew found this guy cruising around our front porch last night. I've never seen crab in a baby food jar before.

The same nephew totally siked me out! I delivered small bags of Valentine's chocolates and other candies to his house last night. I went after the younger kids were asleep, but he was still up - I needed to deliver them after the kids were asleep, but before we all left for work or school in the morning. He feigned embarrassment that I brought over so many bags of candies but he didn't get anything for me. I told him that he didn't need to get anything for me and that the candies were from his cousins (Katelyn and Jacob). Can you imagine how surprised I was when I received this candy gram at work today?
That sweet little sneaker!

For the best chocolates and other candies on island, visit Expressions on Capitol Hill. Near Coffee Care. It usually opens around noon, M-Sat.


  1. Sweetest post I've seen yet on Val's day. Gotta run home, but I'm pretty sure, I'll be copying your picture of the day into "my pictures". Erdene is still kicking herself for not checking on the flower, but she'll feel a little better with a laugh from the baby food jar. I wonder if Crab is an approved baby food?

  2. It was quite a sight! Kinda sad, kinda cute.


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