November 19, 2007

Life Lessons. (TLC ain't got nothin' on me!)

Over the past 144 hours I learned that...

...when I learn to see past the flesh facade and into a person's heart (as well as another human can look into a person's heart), all the wrong that person committed against me becomes moot - it doesn't dissapear, it just becomes insignificant, irrelevant, of no practical value. When the surface dissapears and I only see emptiness inside and I'm led to pray for that person, that's when I know I found peace in a hurtful situation and no one can affect me. It's like I'm in the matrix and all I have to do is pivot to the right and all the ugliness passes me by and can never touch me. It's like being in some washed-out drug induced state without the drugs and without feeling washed-out.

...I don't know how to entertain. While Sheila pulled out the cloth napkins for me and Velma, I would have just torn off pieces of paper towel. Thank you for the lovely meal and company.

...I really appreciate the little things - like stickers on a birthday card envelope. And a spritz of perfume on tissue paper that surrounds a gift. Like a friend who gives so much and expects nothing in return. Who gives because she wants to, who appreciates the little things you are able to give and never minimizes the effort and care. Thanks, Vel.

...knitting with a friend is so much fun. Especially when coffee is involved.

...fathers spending time with their children is cute, but a father toting his son in the back seat of his bicycle is super adorable.

....Marriage Encounter is a lot like Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Marriage Encounter.


  1. I got through the ME weekend and it was more than I expected and a lot more than we ever dreamed. I brought my husband there, we left together:)

  2. I have talked to so many women about this and most agree: Husbands/Sig others that are dads...there is no bigger turn off than when you are grouchy with our kids and no bigger turn on than when you are sweet and nurturing with them.

  3. Boni - I'm so happy for you! I've spoken with three other women who were encountered last weekend and they said it was wonderful.

    Brenda - I agree. :)


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