June 01, 2007

Would you send your kid here?

Please, please...if you are an educational insitution that is advertising to parents, let us parents know that our children's language skills will improve, not deteriorate, if we send our kids to you.


Since I moved back to Saipan in 2003 everyone has been raving about the Hyatt's cheesecake. I tried a small piece when I went to lunch with a friend at the end of last year and I thought to myself, "I make better cheesecake than this, this must not be the Hyatt cheesecake."

James went to DJ's Corner after 7pm, thanks Franicia, and bought some cheesecakes. I was right! My cheesecake is better. I wanted to share this with you a while ago, but James didn't want me to come off as being too pretentious. OK, fine.

On Thursday James went to the Street Market and bought some cheesecake from Fiesta Resort. See! Hyatt's cheesecake isn't the be-all end-all cheesecake that so many people had made it out to be.

Fiesta's is richer, creamier, denser. Now that's cheesecake.


  1. Oh, that is so sad! LOL...

    As for cheesecake...heh...I wish I could send you some Cheescake Factory chocolate mousse cheesecake!! Talk about dying and going to heaven...YUM-O...

  2. mMM, I'll have to try Fiesta's cheesecake!

  3. Donna, I wish you could send me some too!


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