June 13, 2007

Wednesday What Is It? Results

The results of last week's Wednesday What Is It?

Duct Tape!

5 points to Steve and Miwa
2 points each to Borego, Mona, Donna, Bev, Marianas Eye


  1. Hmmm...I'm thinking whether or not Miwa and I should "retire" now that we're the top leader in points since this next one has got us puzzled.

    But, Miwa doesn't want to quit...she wants to win! So I must go along. Hey, there's NO shame in quitting while you're ahead. :)

  2. I feel like Shazam...a loser! Do I get a date with Brad?

  3. Steve - no shame in quitting while you're ahead, but if you want to win...

    Angelo - if I knew Brad maybe I could hook you up.


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