June 15, 2007


Recently I've been wanting to write something about how when I first moved back to Saipan in 2003 I never went anywhere without makeup, even just a little bit of makeup. Now, after two kids, would you believe that I sometimes go out with no makeup on? That's what I did today.

And I saw Angelo in the bank, and Brad. So I waved at Angelo and then I waved at Brad. But wait, I don't know Brad. Why did I wave? I know his blog and I know that he went on a fun-filled date with Shazam. But I don't know him.

As I was standing in line at the bank I thought that I should fidget with my cell phone - as I often do. But then I remembered Steve's post about fidgeting with cell phones when waiting in line - as I subsequently often do. So instead I wrote a note to myself to blog about me waving to a person I don't know. And then I started laughing as I thought to myself, "oh man, are they going to see me writing this note and then later read my blog and know that I was writing about this? How big of a dork am I?"

So Brad, because I waved at you and I don't know you I'm going to link you. And since you waved back, I think you should link me too. I'm not even sure if you read this blog...

After the bank James drove me to H-mart. See the deal was that James would drive and Katelyn would fall asleep and I'd run in and do all the errands. But Katelyn didn't fall asleep. Instead she came in H-mart with me. She was wearing a purple t-shirt, green shorts, yellow rubber zorries, and her hair was all over the place. What kind of mother am I? The kind that can't tell her daughter, no you stay in the car and wait for mommy instead of coming in and having a blast being super cute pushing your own little person size shopping cart. I just hope none of the other shoppers were really child talent/modeling agents scoping out potential clients.


  1. I highly doubt their were any talent scouts in H-mart. Haha, but I bet Katelyn looked super cute nonetheless.

    About the makeup deal. Ugh... I hate when that happens. Seriously!

  2. Don't worry, Brad is used to unfamilar women waving at him, that is what makes him so fab and Ruszala like.

  3. Deece: You're so cool! You're linked my page now. Check it out!

  4. Real! That's what you are and that is what makes you great. Rule #1 in life. If you want to run into absolutely everyone you know go out to "just grab a few things" in your grubbiest clothes, no make-up, and gross hair. The worst public moment for me was when Bob interviewed me in my swim cap, (unflattering) goggles (ugly), and swim suit (UGH!) about being a newbie swimmer (I was already terrified about actually having to swim) and aired it. Horrible!!!

  5. Donna - I make a conscious decision to not wear makeup and then I'm self-conscious the whole time that I'm not wearing makeup. Ridiculous!

    Jeff - but I'm pretty sure I wasn't waving at him for the same reasons other unfamiliar women do.

    Gus - you're linked! And like I told Bev, all the coolness left me the day I said I want to become a CPA. ;)

    Brenda - I know right! You're linked.

  6. I gave up on the makeup thing about 2 weeks after I moved here- and it kept melting off. I now have a no makeup rule on weekends. Except if I'm going out somewhere fancy at night! But, my philosophy is "take me as I am" ugly no makeup face and all...

    And about Katelyn's outfit at H-Mart... I went through a phase at her age where I was obsessed with my red cowboy boots for about a month. I refused to take them off. But now I get my payback, since every picture around that time is usually with me wearing nothing but my underoos and those blasted boots.

  7. too funny. i hope you wave to me all the time now! and yes, i linked to you too. love the photo contests.


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