June 02, 2007

The Art of One

For six weeks I have revived my training in the art of One, but this time the training was more intense - a baby and a two-year old.

The art of One. One foot to pick up toys, one hand to cook oatmeal, one finger to carry bags. I have mastered the art of One.

You know who has mastered the art of Kung-Fu? Richard Bastillo, James's old instructor from IMB. Once again he is featured in a martial arts magazine. (Available now at Bestseller)

Sifu Richard is well known for being a student of Bruce Lee in the 60's, but he was also one of the earliest Jiu Jitsu students in the United States.
If you see a guy in a black instructor's IMB t-shirt (like the one pictured below, except in black) walking around Saipan, that's my husband.

Hey Steve - You and Miwa are training under someone who trained under someone who trained under Bruce Lee. How cool is that?

**Play the Wednesday What Is It? and take the Sunday Sample**

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  1. Deece: We always knew we were training and hanging out with someone famous! That's definitely COOL!!


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