May 27, 2007

Dear Jacob,

I know how eager you are to become a boxer, I still feel the punches to my bladder. But would you please wait until your father and I buy you the right training equipment? It makes me sad to see you punch yourself in the face.

Is anyone else irritated by the SoyJoy girl? You know, the one who doesn't need an almond, vanilla, toffee, knock me across the room nutrition bar. The girl who needs just. a. snack.

I know what I don't need. I don't need the trademark cartoon characters on my son's diapers. Why should I pay more for diapers that have Disney characters on them? My son doesn't even know who Mickey is. Give me the simple lions on the Kirkland Signature diapers, I'm happy with that.

Catch and Release - nice little movie.

Music and Lyrics - not bad, Hugh Grant is funny. The opening 1980's music video is great.

**Play the Wednesday What Is It? and take the Sunday Sample**


  1. Does Jacob have his own fighting gloves yet? I am so ignorant about MMA, do they use gloves? BTW: did you ever get your camera?

  2. If they made mma or boxing gloves for such little hands he would definately have a pair. (Yes, they do use gloves.)

    I was just about to write a post about my camera.


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