June 17, 2006

My daughter IS like me!

From the moment Katelyn Rebecca was born everyone joked around that we definately know that James is her father. My mom calls them twins.

She might look more like James, but she sure acts a lot like me....
  • Katelyn loves to dance. She's a fancy dancer. Katelyn doesn't dance like most babies, no, Katelyn moves her shoulders up and down like a see-saw, she moves her butt to the music, and she bends her knees and moves her head. She uses her hands to hula and she'll even ami sometimes. Katelyn dances when she's happy, she dances if you feed her something good, and she dances if she hears music in a commercial.
  • She curls in her lips.
  • She curls her toes into her sandals.
  • She loves to eat whatever mommy and daddy are eating and she prefers the water in my glass over the water in her cup. (The food on my mom's plate has always tasted better than the food on my own. And in more recent years, whatever James orders in restaurants is always better than what I order.)
  • Katelyn is very ticklish.
  • She likes ice cream.
  • She loves to susu. (I was breastfed until a week before I turned 3.)
Katelyn Rebecca is my amazing daughter.

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