November 14, 2005


Breastfeed. Breastfed. Breastfeeding. Breastfeeder.

I wish people would stop telling me that I'll have to switch to formula soon. I'm not gonna. Katelyn Rebecca is a happy, healthy, big, beautiful, strong, not overweight, breastfed baby.

Formula should be given by prescription only. For those who have medical reasons to not breastfeed or if they are adoptive mothers.

My daughter has never had a fever or a cold. She only had a stuffy nose once when everyone else in the house had the flu. This is because I breastfeed her.

And don't tell me that because you (well, maybe not you, but some people) stuffed more formula than was needed down your kids' throats, thereby causing them to over eat and become overweight, that I need to start buying formula and doing the same. No, sir. I'm intellegent, I've done my research, my baby is doing fine. She eats baby cereal, carrots (home made baby food), and breastmilk. Next week she'll try tofu, and the week after that she'll try bananas. I still make plenty of milk, just because I can't pump as much as I used to doesn't mean the only alternative is to feed her formula. Breast is best.

Formula wasn't around back in the day. It must blow people's minds when they think about how babies were fed in days before formula - It's a miracle that any babies survivied without it a hundred years ago (I scoff as I write this).

Because of the casual attitudes toward child nutrition, it's rare to see women, especially women my age, breastfeeding their babies. So Renee (if by chance you've found my blog), I'm so proud of you. I'm so glad you made sacrifices to give your daughter the breast, oops, I mean best.

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